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Make an appointment with us! Test our machines, tools and abrasives directly in your workshop. Our experts will give you advice and tips on how to use them effectively. Discover the optimum solutions for your applications.

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Flexible shafts

The universal solutions from SUHNER. Flexibility and maneuverability with maximum performance. From the most delicate mobile work to heavy duty under extreme conditions.

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Power tools

The powerhouses from SUHNER Maneuverable, robust, and reliable. Flexible use for brushing, parting, grinding, and polishing.

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Battery tools

The mobile solutions from SUHNER Enduring and powerful. Ergonomic work with battery power. Ideal for the construction and assembly site.

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Pneumatic tools

The precision solutions from SUHNER Robust, powerful, lightweight. Maneuverable and reliable for the grueling industrial environment.

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Discover the optimal tools and abrasives for your applications.

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Experience the ideal grinder live! Our Technical consultants will visit you with no commitment on your part. Try out the machines, and learn the best and most economical solution for your application.

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